Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wanna learn something today???

Okay, so I got rid of all the slackers with the title.  Now only my respected readers are here.
Hai guise,  
Below are 2 links to 2 different color tests.  The first one, Colorstrology, is pretty simple.  It will tell you what specific color corresponds with your birthday and give you a little blurb about yourself.  The second is a much more devious little test.  The Luscher Color Test will ask you to arrange two sets of colors and from those results will tell you 3 things: problem underlying current stress, desired objective, and current inappropriate behavior.  It is actually less devious than it sounds, but you might be surprised to find that the results are pretty accurate.  If you do not think so, you are probably lying to yourself so stop that.

Note: If the links don't work or you missed em:




  1. While not quite amazingly so, the second one is pretty accurate, at least for me. The underlying vagueness definitely allows for room to interpret it, however. Also, I suspect that lots of people probably "achieve satisfaction through sexual activity," and I would hardly call it "inappropriate behavior." I guess it might depend on the type of sexual activity one is involved in though... Perhaps I will need to stop watching so much Asian porn.

  2. I think the meaning of that is you use sexual activity as a barometer (somewhat) for social success, and when you are "getting some," you are in a better mood. While I agree that this is probably true for a lot of people out there, I also think that the social circle we find ourselves in may be a little more skewed towards that kind of behavior. I would venture a guess that many other people find satisfaction from a multitude of different endeavors (work, family, religion, academic success). Also, age must be considered a factor.