Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let Us Try Something New, Shall We?

HI Everybody!
I had lunch with some buddies from school today, and we had a pretty interesting conversation. Here are the Cliffs notes:1) the economy has everyone scared sheetless right now, 2) we don't know what we want to do after school and that fact stresses us out, and 3) We need to step out of our individual comfort zones and expand our interests in order to really be great designers. That got me thinking, and I concluded that I would take it to the nets and see what you all had to say!

So this is what I am proposing: anyone who reads this, post a few of your favorite things in the comments section of this post. It can be anything, a book, movie, musician(s), artist, location, whatever. Post one thing; post 5 things. The more the better! I will start.

Illustrator: Akira Toriyama
Yes, that is the guy who created Dragonball, but he is also a great illustrator who is renowned worldwide for his character design. I mean look at how popular Dragonball is- there is a reason for that (and it certainly wasn't the dub).

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg
One of the greatest modern American artists. His paintings and installations are credited with setting off the modern Pop Art movement in America. He also put a tire around a goat and that is eff-ing cool. Google it.

Photographer: André Kertész
Inventor of the Photoessay. His photos are surreal and peaceful but can also be discomforting and hint at violence. Someone who I really admire.

Television/ Movies: Monty Python
This comedy troupe has affected my sense of humor and comedy in so many ways. The Flying Circus television series, Holy Grail, and Life of Brian are my favs.

Music: 80's synth, Dragonforce, and Bjork
I could have easily put something like The Beatles or Stevie Wonder here, but that would be too typical/ boring. I love the energy, implied color and cleanliness of 80's groups like The Smiths, Huey Lewis & the News, and Information Society. Heck, I even listen to a little George Michael now and then (keep that on the DL).

I love how Dragonforce combines technical skill with over-the-top delivery and humor to create something unique and forward looking while remaining respectful of those who came before. Sonic Firestorm is a great album. Set your face to "melt" and enjoy the furiousity (I know it ain't a word).

Bjork is incredible. Her music is soulful and daring, and she is an individual in every sense of the word. I turn to Iceland's greatest export whenever I need to chill out and just relax. "Hyperballad" and "Human Behavior" are 2 of my favorite tracks.

Please make a contribution and put some of your favorite influences and inspirations in the comments section. It could be really cool to look over everyone's influences. Put your name in your comment or leave it anonymous; it doesn't matter to me (though it would be nice to be able to attach a person to each comment). If enough people contribute, I'll try and do something that would kind of tie it all together. ROCK ON! *punches self in face and passes out......*


  1. QUOTE - My favorite thing about this quote is the context...

    It is not an old peoples' world. It has nothing to do with old people. Old people when their hair grows out, they should go out. And i look down to see the people that are governing me and making my rules - and they haven't got any hair on their head - I get very uptight about it.

    Bob Dylan at the Bill of Rights dinner for The National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. 12/13/1963

    PERSONAL TRAIT - deviance

    BOOK - the dharma bums. this book forced a change in perspective regarding life and priorities. its hard to hang onto this book for too long without lending/giving it away. ive gone through 3 copies...

    MUSIC -

    digable planets: the best pandora station out there. they've got a unique flow and

    sol driven train: a little known band from south carolina. my friend introduced me to them. always comin with crunchy tunes and good vibes !:(thumbs up):! pandora them!

    that thizzle music: moving to cali brought with it a whole new music scene that i had no choice but to be immersed in (either again, or for the first time) andre nickatina, inverse, living legends, mac dre, e-foty, and the warren to the g.

    ARTIST - banksy .... unique, creative, hilarious, illegal, deviant.

  2. photography
    David Lachapelle he's insane - seattle based radio but they're like that friend that introduced you to great underground music, including world music

  3. Painter:
    Jack Vettriano & Salvador Dali

    Illustrator: Patrick Moberg

    The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
    Anything written by Chuck Klosterman
    Diary and Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
    Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
    House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski

    Cities: Barcelona, London, Oxford, Chicago, NYC


  4. I'd first like to say that The Dharma Bums marked a huge moment in my life as well. Damn good, I oughta read it again.

    Aiight. Since the effect and impressions of certain encounters tend to move us one way or another depending on how and where we are, in that sort of way, I'll enumerate here some of the more recent works that somewhat delineate this, my newest endeavor (past 6 months-ish).

    Painter --> Thomas Cole. I've been writing policy for the damming (and undamming) of the Hetch Hetchey Valley of late (for class). And these writings tend to conjure memories of American Studies class in high school and that sort of marvel at the bucolic splendor represented so well in his paintings. Especially the one with the little dude... the humongous canvas contained frame to frame, corner to corner with this cascading waterfall, and that tiny little indian just chillin, barely visible. Nice food for thought.

    Cinema --> Fellini. Amarcord is the film. I'd never seen it before Christmas break. It's a unique little film, the type that I think we could make, what with all the stories we have. It isn't a narrative in the traditional sense, rather, it is a recounting of a series of moments that happen in this small town in Italy, presumably to Fellini as a child, painting characters, instances, sentiments and seasons in both broad and fine strokes and in rich colors as well. It exists beautifully as a whole, but like a mural, each moment is bursting with significance, holding up absolutely well as their own contained cinematic moments in completion.

    Music --> Morning music. Lucky enough to have company thursday night into friday morning, I played a song for her and then she for me. I shared Little Martha by the Allmans (that song we all know and love) but the song she shared I hadn't heard. It was a Bob Dylan cover, Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Nickel Creek. Really a nice song. Milton, if you're reading this, check it out.

    I got more for you Sean and On but I got a paper due tomorrow morning and I gotta go out to dinner tonight. If I find time I'll post again.

  5. Okay here goes.

    Music- My hands down favorite song is "Cruisin"- By Smokey Robinson. Its doesn't matter what mood you're in, where you are in your life, how many pancakes you had for breakfast- this song will lift your spirits. The opening baseline itself is enough to make your smile from the inside out- eyes lit, lips parted, pearls shining. I challenge you to play this in your car and not want to roll your windows down. As far as producers go, I tip my imaginary hat to 9th Wonder, the genius behind the rap group Little Brother. He's worked with everyone. EVERYONE.

    Art- Justin Bua has a way with a paintbrush that is unreal. His work just drips movement and emotion and musicality. His jazz pieces play songs that make you want to saunter around your house if you listen close enough. Sam Flores is another one of my favorites, he's got a background in graffiti that he channels in his work without overpowering the final product. Jesse Reno does sick live murals. NEXT

    Check out: David Choe, Kathie Olivas, Jeremy Fish, Kozik, Amanda Vissell does sweet like candy illustrations- That should be enough to get you started.

    Started for what? I'll tell you.- The world of vinyl toys. I believe my love for the plastic scene comes from a deep respect for those who create a world in their minds that is so crazy (read: dope) that they manage to land squarely on the genius side of the fence. With vinyl, the characters and their world extends further than just a sheet of paper into a tangible piece of reality...

    Which is just a pretty way to say that this shit rocks. Hard. was my gateway drug, now I'm onto the hard stuff.

    Photography- Far as photography is concerned, I just recently learned of Esteban Oriol, who does a lot of editorial work, but his streetlife photos are where it's at. He's figured out a way to make the grimy, dirty hustle, look both scary and beautiful without making you want to distinguish between the two; they just are.

    Movies- No need for explanation- I love Spike Lee.

    Quotes- Take em or leave em.

    Jut learned this one- Thanks Syl :)
    "Pessimism is an excuse for not trying and a guarantee to a personal failure."
    - Bill Clinton

    "There is only one of you in the world, just one. And if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost."- Martha Graham