Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Introduction to Typography

One thing that I consistently encounter whenever I talk to people about my schooling is a lack of knowledge regarding what typography is. It doesn't sound important or glamourous as some of the other aspects of design. I regard this as a rather large misconception. I found this on YouTube. While it may not be the greatest example of typography I have ever seen, it is pretty good and it features a funny skit from the Chappelle Show so I thought it would be a good intro for those of you who may not know about typography. Enjoy!

I'll find some more cool type and post it for yous guys. Maybe some of my own work (if I can find a camera).


  1. maybe i should have used the word typography a few more times... ::sigh:: oh well.

  2. hey sean,

    here is a great video on typography- give it a look... TED is a great resource for cool talks and other misc sheet.