Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Young Guns 2010 Campaign

You know how I keep saying how busy I've been each time I post? You know how you probably utter "bullshit" or say something else to express your disbelief? Or perhaps you say it because of how annoying it is to hear the same excuse used over and over? You know how I keep saying I have whole campaigns to show you? Well I wasn't lying (completely) and I do have a campaign to show you! YAY!

Young Guns is an advertising competition for people who are under the age of thirty. You also can enter work into Young Guns if you are one of those really old people who decides to go back to school and subject themselves to the "how old is that guy?" and "I heard he was thirty-five" and the "yeah and he was really drunk last night and hitting on all the girls from school at the bar....weeeeeeeird." Well maybe not the last part in every case but def the first two and a lot of times the third as well (it's up to you, old students).

ANYWAY, Young Guns releases a brief every year and this year a few of my classmates and myself decided to try and win it. The challenge was to create the call for entry campaign for the 2010 Young Guns competition. We worked really hard on it and came up with what I think is a pretty cool ass idea. The premise behind our campaign is that Once you hit the age of 40 (or so) in the advertising industry, it is basically like turning 70 in any other industry. So veterans have to be even more wary of a young person swooping in and taking their job. Here are our presentation boards and the 2 videos we shot. Explanations for the campaign are on the boards... SO READ THEM!

The first video is the one you see upon entering the competition. The second video is what the person who is being put "on warning" will receive.

Sean Matthews- Designer
Ali Sooudi- Art Director
Cameron Templeton- Copywriter

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