Monday, July 12, 2010



So, if you couldn't tell, you were supposed to sing the title of this post (so if you didn't... give it a try... no worries, I'll wait).

Awww yeah!

Anyway, no more silliness! I wanted to drop a few photos down here to let you guys in on what I'm up to.

As you know, I just started work at AKQA in SF. Today was my first day— actually, today is my first day (I may still be here). Here are some shots:

Nice view from the train on the ride in.

No turning back now.

They got me. View from my desk.

'AWWW, flowers?! For me?'

This piƱata is my new buddy. I am gonna work on making human friends at some point, as well.

Team Xbox plays madd Halo at the end of the day. I may go down there and get stomped for a while. Eventually, I will get better and begin to crush them. This is my destiny.

*Note that the dust that has accrued in the lens of my camera gives these shots a nice 'vintage' effect. Or maybe it's just a crap camera. IDK

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