Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things I miss about school/atlanta (and some that I don't)

Things I miss
1) The freedom to choose my client
2) The freedom to decide what executions I think fit the project
3) All of my friends (gf especially)
4) Waking up @ 9am
5) Fun late night work sessions (key word is "fun")
6) Carefree-ness (the ability to say "fuck it" about a project)
8) southern fried goodness

Things I don't miss
1) Listening to a bunch of people present before me (I know this may sound dickish, but, no, your idea isn't that good and I am tired of hearing about it)
2) Paying for dinner when I work late
3) Poorness (I am by no means rich, though)
4) Jabronis (you know who you are....well, maybe not)
5) Driving everywhere/parking (not having a car is awesome)
6) Being under my parents' thumbs

A recent photo of this post's author hard at work

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  1. things u miss number 7 being across the country from your lil bro! prepare yourself for some birthday madness!!