Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name my Mascot!!

So for a while now, I have wanted to take my interest in character design to the next level and actually make a 3-dimensional model of one of my characters. Well, I decided that my break from school would be a perfect time for me to undertake this project! And I am going to keep you guys updated! How lucky are you?

I started with a design, I tried to keep it simple since it is my first time. Below is my first little sketch that I did. Basically it is a sleepy monster who wanders around in a kind of zombie-state.

After I was satisfied with the character, I put it into illustrator and made a vector illustration. I also did a little bit of coloring and shading in photoshop.

The next step is to make a character design sheet that includes front, back, side and three-quarters view. Then I gotta make an intial model and then a mold. I'll keep you guys updated.

Oh yeah! I need a name for this little monster. Leave a name in the comments section with a short explanation if you like. If I choose your name, then I will give you one of the vinyl versions of this guy that I make (they are gonna be sweet and very official) for free!


  1. Chomsky the Somnolent Zombie

    or Chomsky the Somber Zombie

    I'll be back with more...

  2. Spellow Dribble

    or The Lumbering Drowster

    or drowsy lumbster

    or just drowsy lumbering big-ass monster named Oscar.

    ...some kind of combination word...

  3. some of these are jus horriblay, and it turned into a have-fun-with-atlanta-rappers'-name game...

    sleepy brown (even tho its 100% bit, this is my fav)/big bad billy brown

    B.O.B aka Poopy Spray

    Spooky Mane

    Big Buoy

    Trilly aka Pastor Trillsta

    Slobber the Crule Drule

  4. did you choose one yet?

    you said to leave my idea as a comment.. yes, i am aware that was probably over a month ago but i never get on the computer so it's not really my fault..

    CUDGEL! That should be his name..

  5. cudgel is pretty good, that may be the winner.