Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I hope there are still a few people that check the hat for updates. I know I haven't updated in about 3 week (geez!), and I'm going to blame it all on school. Well, school is over (for now) and I have a TON of stuff that I am planning on putting up here in the next few days so LOOK OUT! I've got a pretty wide range of stuff that I am going to post, from simple illustrations to packaging, to and entire branded campaign. So keep your eyes peeled (that saying is disgustin btw) and your face intact, because hopefully my sweet ass design skills will melt it off! Wishful thinking probably, but you never know.

These are illustrations I did for an art director at school. They are for a company called "One Laptop One Child" that gives poor children in africa laptops so they can get on the internets and waste time like you and I. Okay, they probably give them laptops for educational purposes. Anyhow the ads came out really well and props to Lauren Boyd and Michael Williams for the art director and copy(respectively). I hope you like them!

I love character design and had a lot of fun doing these. So if anyone needs any illustrations, holler at me!

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