Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh, the things you can find on the internet!

It's a long read, but well worth it (if you ask me). Message boards are a goldmine for epic lols. This guy had a really bad day.


  1. that was a very dangerous reading. i had to hold many epic lols in given that i'm in the library. as i read more and more the lols became to be too much to handle, i began to feel naucuous (ya thats right, i cant spell, so what??). i knew at this point i had 2 choices. to excuse myself for the bathroom where i could calm down, drink some water, and possible puke into a safe toilet bowl. the other choice was to continue reading and possibly encounter more epic lols. being a college student, i'm used to holding my yack in, so i opted for option two. bad choice... Around the picture of the man crying holdin the tip of his schlong n tryna poo i had a feeling i had made the wrong choice...the bubble guts where gettin to me. yet, being the humorphile (and the yackholdinphile) that i am, i continued. around the picture of the dude sprinting towards the tub with eyes looking like he has just found the secret enterence to the vatican and is trying to sneak away from the puffy-pants vatican police without getting caught...i began to have strong feelings i went to far and could feel the throw up slowly creeping up. then comes the picture of the dude in teh bathtub with a facial expression lookin like he's laying in a bed of clouds and i knew i had gone too far. i begin throwing up in my mouth, catching in my empty chickfila cup. pannicd, i get up and try to find the bathroom, unfortunately i am lost so i proceed to run around the library throwing up on the paleontology, biology, and irish american studies sections. finally, i find a bathroom -- rush in thrust open the first stall door only to find that im in the girls bathroom puking! the stalls occupied! and im throwin up on this chick! the rest of the story i wont go into detail about but it involves mase, redlands public safety, and a broken king cobra bottle (in that order).

    this was the worst possible library experience...ever