Monday, December 28, 2009


No this post is not the beginning of a Saint's chant, but I will take this opportunity to point out that they do not look nearly as unbeatable as they did 3 weeks ago. For selfish reasons I hope they do not get very far in the playoffs.

This post is about a funny commercial. Well, a set of funny commercials, but one in particular that really cracks me up. These Captain Morgan commercials, where they introduce a different type of drunk (please enjoy Captain Morgan responsibly) with the name captain "insert character trait here." This one is for captain nightowl. WHOOOO! His blinky eyes, crazy entrance and awesome demenor made me laugh so much I just had to share it with you! Check out his "YAY! They are coming to my party!" dance!!! YES!

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  1. I like Captain Improv (the way the romance novel cover model's hair flows in the breeze cracks me up) and Captain Keymaster. "Your culture is so primitive, yet so funky." Captain Night Owl is a winner though.