Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food (or drink) for thought

I was out in Buckhead last night and I ran into an old classmate from high school. It was not anyone who I was close to or friends with. I will never get those 5 minutes of my life back. Here are the cliffs-notes from our conversation:

me: How have you been?
him: Really good I am doing sales in Buckhead, I make a lot of money.
me: Uh, that's cool what kind of sales?
him: I sell cell phone parts. It's boring, but I am making good money.
me: Right, well that is nice.
him: Yeah I mean I graduated from state about a year and a half ago, I never thought I would be making such good money by now!
me: It was good to see you, man. Take it easy. (turns around to talk to someone else)

OHMYGODITISSOANNOYINGWHENPEOPLETALKABOUTHOWMUCHMONEYTHEYMAKE! First: you probably don't really make that much money, so get over yourself. Brad Pitt makes a lot of money. You make a decent salary for a twenty-something single person. Second: are you gonna give me some of this money? No? Then shut the hell up, I don't care. Third: you sound like a douche. A hollow douche at that. If you immediately default to talking about money, then you are probably the least interesting person in the room. I would honestly rather hear about how much you bench press rather than how much money you make. *exhales* I feel better now. Thanks internets! 



  1. HAHAHA! "Are you gonna give me some of this money?" Incredibly appropriate question. Excellent go-to. Not interested in your money ever but for me getting some.

  2. And you been doing a damn good job posting of late. Keep it up mon frere. I'm in the library... on a beautiful Saturday afternoon... and will not be leaving any time soon at that.