Tuesday, March 24, 2009

short post from LA

A few things I've noticed out here:
1.The highways don't have enough speed limit signs. I honestly saw 1 over a span of 70 miles. It's confusing and I have heard bad things about the LAPD.

2. RA's still suck. They may actually suck worse than they did before. I was in my bro's dorm (yes, I know that is about the coolest way to start a story that there is), and since it is not a dry dorm I thought I would have a beer while I enjoyed some b-ball in the common area. Aparently you can have beer if you are over 21 and you also have to agree to put up with some sophomore's shit-talk about drinking around minors. Hmmmmmmmmmm. That is bound to happen in a dorm with frosh to senior residents!

3. UCLA has an unbelievable sculpture garden and the campus itself is just gorgeous (and delightful!!!). I have always thought that UGA has a pretty campus and I still do. However, UCLA has an overall theme that is present is almost all of the buildings and it just seems better thought out overall. The sculpture garden is super-dank too.

4. Korean BBQ rocks. That is all.

On another note, I am aware that I have exceeded my bandwidth for my photobucket account and now instead of the wonderfully funny gifs there is this obnoxious white box with red x's. I am going to fix that as soon as I get back home so I can share all the other wonderfully lol-inducing images with my internet peeps!

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