Friday, August 7, 2009


I love Nike's new Hyperize commercial featuring 80's versions of Andre Igoudala, Mo Williams, Kevin Durant, and Rashard Lewis. Below is the extended version which is really just a full music video. I love these extended commercials. From a business standpoint it is smart as it forces people to search out the videos and watch them online (generating sweet sweet e-impressions).

One thing that I wish these corporations did was make this content downloadable and easily available through a branded web site. That way you could watch the video on a Nike youtube channel (I'm sure there is one), then click on a banner that would take you to Nike's website where you could buy the shoes while it is still fresh in your mind. It would generate and facilitate impulse buys, something that is usually reserved for gum and candy at the point of purchase. Seems pretty straightforward and simple, huh?

Bottom line is — this video is effing sweet. Kevin Durant has the funniest flow, Mo Williams the best outfit, and Rashard Lewis wins best hair running away. Sorry new A.I., you didn't win anything (best multiple-finger ring?). Enjoy.

*PROPS TO NIKE for launching the branded website!*


  1. Mo Williams with the ice cream! FRIENDSHIP!

  2. man, this video is hella fun. how much fun? i said hella fun, listen hun.