Monday, March 1, 2010

Award Season is Rough

Yo YO!
So it is like 4 in the AM and I have class in a few hours. I realize that I haven't been posting at my usual rate lately but their is good reason for that, and that reason is award season. Basically there are several award shows for the creative industry (that's design and advertising mostly) and these award shows have student categories for people like me to make a name for ourselves. So I have been working my ass off to enter as much stuff as possible while also keeping up with my normal course-load (which coincidentally is at an all time ridiculous high). All of these things translate into less time to post on the blog.

"But, Sean, That sucks ass!"

Yes, yes it does, and for my absence I apologize. I have so much stuff that I could show you guys but, sadly if I did, I would be disqualified from the competitions (can't show anything until judging is over). But I can show you some snippets of what I am doing.

Here is a little illustration I am doing for a poster campaign. I will show you the final product when I am allowed to (along with a shit-ton of other stuff).


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