Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily Hat Weekly Munny

So break is here and I am already back to work (sort of). What I mean is that while I have several projects that I am trying to undertake over the break, I will not be nearly as busy as I am while school is in session.

Anyway, yesterday I was at Sam Flax (art supply store for those who don't know), and by the register they had a bunch of Mini Munnys (Munnies?). Munny is a little blank toy that you can design yourself FYI (there are a bunch of examples here). The ones I am talking about are 4 inches tall.

So I thought it could be a cool little exercise to do one of these each week while I am on break (3 total). To make it a little more fun I decided on a few more rules.

1. Must use the marker that comes with the toy in the color palette
2. Character should be derived from the random accessory that accompanies it
3. Must be started and finished in the span of 24 hours.

So my first one came with a pink marker and a hatchet as the accessory. So I decided that he would be a cute little axe-murderer.

(The pictures were taken with my blackberry, which is why the quality sucks, so don't hate)

Be sure to check back next week for the newest installment of Daily Hat Weekly Munny!

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