Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poster Redesign Fire Drill

I think that school has ruined the laziness that I have so treasured throughout my life. I was sitting at home the other day, doing nothing in particular. You know, lounging around and watching TV (daytime network TV but that is a completely different story). Suddenly, I felt this compelling urge to get up and do some work. QUE? I tried to fight it, but alas, I could not. Instead I decided to do a little firedrill.

For those of you who do not recognize the term, a firedrill refers to a creative exercise that is completed in a short amount of time (in this case 3 hours).

So I went onto Gigposters.com (sweet poster site BTW) and began to browse through the random poster section. I chose 2 posters for two different bands and gave myself 3 hours each to redesign them.

The first poster I chose was this one for Vampire Weekend.
Never having listened to too much of their music, I put in their self-titled release and began to sketch. Choppy and energetic, their music made me think about enjoying a hotdog and lemonade while watching a space shuttle launch.
I took my sketch to the computer, found a suitable image, modified it (we don't use stock images, no sir!), and finished my design.
The photo would be printed out and then the green balloon, white lines and type would be screen-printed onto the image. The green would be left semi-transparent while the white would be opaque.

Total time: less than 3 hours
Next I remade this Ting Tings poster.

I'll post the results tomorrow. See ya then!

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