Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paypal is nobody's Pal, MAN!

This makes me think twice about using my card at the gas station. From

When a commuter pulled into a gas station in Richland, Wash., to fill up the tank of his 1994 Camaro on Tuesday, he thought the $90 he had on his PayPal debit card would easily cover the $26 bill.
But the tab for fuel at the By-Pass Deli and Conoco station off state Route 240 maxed out his card, and then some, the Tri-City Herald reported Thursday on its Web site.
The transaction, Juan Zamora told the newspaper, was recorded as $81,400,836,908.
"That's a B, as in billions!" Zamora wrote in an e-mail to the Herald on Wednesday.
Zamora was concerned that his bank account might be in jeopardy. So he called customer service for PayPal, only to have to argue with the agent over the bill. "Like I had to prove that I didn't pump $81,400,836,908 in gas," he told the Herald.
Though the customer service person finally realized the error, the newspaper reported, how the glitch happened remains a mystery.
"I guess the moral of this story is 'pay cash,'" Zamora said.

Drama Wat

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fuck Ashton Kutcher!

While sitting at home, being a procrastinator, I found this on YouTube, the ultimate time-waster. I had never seen it before and it is really quite clever. As always Chappelle's humor entertains and delivers. So check out the clip, sit back and relax. Grab a beer take a sip, it's a poetry attack!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let Us Try Something New, Shall We?

HI Everybody!
I had lunch with some buddies from school today, and we had a pretty interesting conversation. Here are the Cliffs notes:1) the economy has everyone scared sheetless right now, 2) we don't know what we want to do after school and that fact stresses us out, and 3) We need to step out of our individual comfort zones and expand our interests in order to really be great designers. That got me thinking, and I concluded that I would take it to the nets and see what you all had to say!

So this is what I am proposing: anyone who reads this, post a few of your favorite things in the comments section of this post. It can be anything, a book, movie, musician(s), artist, location, whatever. Post one thing; post 5 things. The more the better! I will start.

Illustrator: Akira Toriyama
Yes, that is the guy who created Dragonball, but he is also a great illustrator who is renowned worldwide for his character design. I mean look at how popular Dragonball is- there is a reason for that (and it certainly wasn't the dub).

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg
One of the greatest modern American artists. His paintings and installations are credited with setting off the modern Pop Art movement in America. He also put a tire around a goat and that is eff-ing cool. Google it.

Photographer: André Kertész
Inventor of the Photoessay. His photos are surreal and peaceful but can also be discomforting and hint at violence. Someone who I really admire.

Television/ Movies: Monty Python
This comedy troupe has affected my sense of humor and comedy in so many ways. The Flying Circus television series, Holy Grail, and Life of Brian are my favs.

Music: 80's synth, Dragonforce, and Bjork
I could have easily put something like The Beatles or Stevie Wonder here, but that would be too typical/ boring. I love the energy, implied color and cleanliness of 80's groups like The Smiths, Huey Lewis & the News, and Information Society. Heck, I even listen to a little George Michael now and then (keep that on the DL).

I love how Dragonforce combines technical skill with over-the-top delivery and humor to create something unique and forward looking while remaining respectful of those who came before. Sonic Firestorm is a great album. Set your face to "melt" and enjoy the furiousity (I know it ain't a word).

Bjork is incredible. Her music is soulful and daring, and she is an individual in every sense of the word. I turn to Iceland's greatest export whenever I need to chill out and just relax. "Hyperballad" and "Human Behavior" are 2 of my favorite tracks.

Please make a contribution and put some of your favorite influences and inspirations in the comments section. It could be really cool to look over everyone's influences. Put your name in your comment or leave it anonymous; it doesn't matter to me (though it would be nice to be able to attach a person to each comment). If enough people contribute, I'll try and do something that would kind of tie it all together. ROCK ON! *punches self in face and passes out......*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ah rup-pa doop doop doop WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

80's keyboard music is so awesome, as is just about everything about this guy's wardrobe.  And his facial hair.  And glasses. Actually, this guy's overall appearance and demeanor are the best.  I hope that I love my job so much that I am still rocking out even though everyone in my office is awkwardly staring at me.    Commercials like these make me happy. Enjoys

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Definitely not a waste of taxpayer money....

Ok, so I don't really want to use this blog as a soap box, but I saw something today that made me giggle like a little girl. Then I got kind frustrated when I thought about the misappropriation of funds and the slew of misinformation that was involved. Thing is, this spot would work really well as an anti-drinking ad, but it works horribly as an anti-pot ad. I cringe to think of the people who were involved with concepting and creating these ads. While I would like to think that it was a room full of stuffy old people full of misinformation, it was probably full of people that resembled me and the other people at my school. Which brings up a stranger side of ethics in advertising: is it unethical to use lies to keep people off illegal drugs? Anyway, when you watch the spot below, think to yourself, "Is it weed or alcohol that usually leads to this type of behavior?"