Monday, August 30, 2010

The Most Interesting Cobra in the World

This is the story of the most badass reptile that has ever lived. He is the summit of masculinity and his cold-blooded heart will give any warm-blooded honeydip hot pants. Eventually he will be a t-shirt design or something, maybe a patch.

A little backstory:
I was in a meeting and we were discussing opposites. It's not really important why. For instance, someone is either a salad eater or a buffet buster. A nice guy or an asshole. An elephant or a mouse. We were trying to decide what the opposite of "shy" would be when one of my coworkers immediately shouts out "stunt cobra!"

"Sure...wait what!?" I respond.

"Stunt cobra" he says, very matter-of-factly.

I bust out laughing at the absurd sincerity in this response.

Later, in another meeting, I began to imagine what this studly reptile would look like. As a goof, I showed it to the guys from the earlier meeting. They loved it, and I was rewarded with some of that sought-after attention that I crave.
Version one of Stunt Cobra

While I liked S.C. 1.0, I concluded that he was too awkward and needed an image overhaul. He was a little too Michael Cera and not enough Mario Van Peebles (more opposites).
Prancing Cera has no effect on Moto-Peebles, who continues his journey on the highway to ladies' hearts.

I returned to my sketchbook and a few minutes later the preliminary sketch for S.C. 2.0 was born in all its Patriotism-draped-in-leather glory.

S.C 2.0 ready to whoop some ass.

Keep on the lookout for S.C. on the 'hat in the near future!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things I miss about school/atlanta (and some that I don't)

Things I miss
1) The freedom to choose my client
2) The freedom to decide what executions I think fit the project
3) All of my friends (gf especially)
4) Waking up @ 9am
5) Fun late night work sessions (key word is "fun")
6) Carefree-ness (the ability to say "fuck it" about a project)
8) southern fried goodness

Things I don't miss
1) Listening to a bunch of people present before me (I know this may sound dickish, but, no, your idea isn't that good and I am tired of hearing about it)
2) Paying for dinner when I work late
3) Poorness (I am by no means rich, though)
4) Jabronis (you know who you are....well, maybe not)
5) Driving everywhere/parking (not having a car is awesome)
6) Being under my parents' thumbs

A recent photo of this post's author hard at work