Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every Breath Cries Some Cool-Ass Ads

Here are some ads that I did with a copywriter at the Creative Circus. These mark my first foray into art direction. It was also the first time I had worked with someone to produce something, a feat which I have duplicated many times since then (a testament to 5th qtr being us designers' 'coming out party').

The client is (theoretically) Hohner Harmonicas. We wanted the tone to be very dark. Props to the copywriter Jeff Scardino for some badass words; when the copy is that vivid and styled, it makes my job that much easier. Tagline is "Every breath cries a story." Size is a two-page spread (magazine). Enjoy.

Jeff Scardino, Copywriter.
Sean Matthews, Art Director & Illustrator

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sixeart is from Barcelona. People have known him as a maker of fun, colorful and awesome graffiti.
He is now known for making fun, colorful and awesome graffiti, paintings, sculptures, and more.

Sixeart is awesome.


Friday, October 16, 2009

A peek into my sketchbook

I opened up one of my older sketchbooks today, looking for something I could put on here. I've been really busy so far with the new quarter at school, and it doesn't appear that there is any respite in sight (le sigh). So I figured I would give you guys a little peek into my sketchbook. I don't spend too much time on anything in it, so be kind. This sketch is of Chairman Mao. I have a few compositions like these where I take portraits of famous dictators and mess with them a little. Nothing too serious; it's all fun and games! Enjoy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Music Video Animation

I found this video of The Fray's cover of Kanye West's song "Heartless." I am iffy on the actual song, but I love the video. The animation (by Titmouse studio btw) is so cool. It reminds me of the ridiculous landscapes and scenarios that I would put in the margins of my notes in grade school. Only way cooler. Mine were pretty cool tho, but they didn't move. They kinda just sat there static on the page. I need to get some of that paper.

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, I cannot miss this opportunity to call Kanye West a self-righteous douchebag. Take that Kanye!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hot Girls, the Red One Camera, and the End of Photography As We Know It?

Technology is crazy. Like super crazy. You want an example? How about the Red One camera? It's the super high def video camera that is so high def that single frames of video can be used as digital photos fit for magazine spreads and other stuff that requires really high def photos. Here is some techno-babble about the camera
Typical high-end HD camcorders have 2.1M pixel sensors and record with 3:1:1 color subsampled video at up to 30fps. We deliver 11.4M pixels at up to 60fps and record RAW, or 2x over-sampled HD in 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 - your choice. That's more than 5 times the amount of information available every second and a vastly superior recording quality. Don't need all that data for your workflow? Dial it back, and keep all the other advantages of the Mysterium Super 35mm cine sized (24.4 x 13.7mm) sensor. You get the same breathtaking Depth of Field and selective focus as found in film cameras. Mysterium boasts a greater than 66db Signal to Noise Ratio thanks to its large 29 sq. micron pixels. And 11,480,800 pixels deliver resolution that can only be called Ultra High Definition.
I first learned about the Red One camera a few months back when a photographer came to speak to us at school (can't remember his name for the life of me but he was foreign and had a funny accent and the girls were crushing on him). He showed us this video of Megan Fox looking all sexy doing stuff that I imagine rich hot chicks do (wake up, walk around in panties, chill by pool, roll around in bed sheets). The video was shot using the Red One camera for Esquire magazine and stills pulled from the video were being used in the magazine as the photos (cuz they so high def, yo!). Here is the video.

Oh Snap! That is pretty cool, but the quality of the video isn't that good! Well it just so happens that Esquire decided to do another video, and I found a pretty good quiality embed for it so BOOM! This one features Kate Beckinsale and a big TV with Kate Beckinsale on it.

So does this mean that photography as we know it is about to change? Is this post a harbinger of things to come for photographers everywhere? Is it time to panic in the streets? Probably not. I dunno, maybe I just wanted to put these two videos up.

Krog Street (River) Tunnel

Saw this on the Hydrilla. Famous Krog St tunnel underwater during the recent floods in GA. Just a cool ass photo. Prayers go out to all the families affected.