Monday, April 26, 2010

Cool WWF Spot

No, not the Wrestling Federation, the wildlife one. This is more like a really short film rather than an ad. I like the story it tells and the makeup is badassssssss.


Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Collaboration of Blog-Like Proportions

This is the first of many collaborations between the Daily Hat and Captain's Blog. Today, we reviewed KFC's new sandwich, the Double Down. You may have heard of it. It is 2 pieces of fired chicken with bacon, cheese, and sauce in the middle.

Double Down or Bust from Sean Matthews on Vimeo.

I tried it too, and I must say, that it was quite tasty. The only downside is the food coma that it puts you in afterwards (I'm still recovering). This quote from Captain's Blog says it better than I ever could
The "sandwich" is damn tasty indeed. But be warned, it is deadly. I would go so far as to say that the Double Down is not fit for weekdays, or anytime where any sort of prolonged productivity will be required after consumption.
Stay tuned for more inter-blog collaborations, and don't forget to vote on the poll!

Help The Munny Find Himself

There is a poll in the upper right-hand corner of the blog. Basically I am gonna let you guys choose what I do to the next munny. He desperately needs your help. So vote... or he dies!

update: After only a single day, Hipster is in the lead! Polls are open for another 9 days, and the record-breaking voter turnout has the Daily Hat optimistic that this race is far from over.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Hat (tri)Weekly Munny

Yo YO!
So the whole Daily Hat Weekly Munny Thing didn't quite work out, but no worries! In it's place is the ever-triumphant Daily Hat (tri)Weekly Munny!

Let me say that I love these little things, they only cost $10 and they provide at least $12 of excitement and fun. This little guy came with a funny motoring hat, so of course I added horns and turned him into a gimp! His name is Blue Gimpy. The marker that came with him was black. It took longer than it should have to make this dude because the markers I was using wouldn't dry! So I had to break for at least 30 min in between applying colors. I think I am going to paint the next one because I am tired of messing with these lame markers.

I've gotten one good idea for the second guy (with the pinwheel), but there has only been one comment so far. You guys don't have ideas? No need to be wary or scared it's just a blog!

Side Note: I have a pink axe murderer and a blue gimp, it seems my ideas are a little twisted! Help me out!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Munny Update

I have been asked by a few people why I didn't make good on my Weekly Munny promise. Short answer: I'm a liar. Long answer: I got caught up doing all these posters and never found the time to go buy the 2 other Munnies. Well, today I went and picked them up so expect to see them soon. Along with the next poster. School is pretty hectic (already!) but I will find time for those of you who find the time to read this blog. It's like a little promise!

Here are the Munnies. I have an idea already for one of them but the other I am still kicking around in my head. What would you do with the one with the pinwheel? It came with a red marker.
If you got a good idea, maybe I'll use it. Then I suppose some sort of reward would be in order, wouldn't it??

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to School

Well the break came and went. At times it felt like time was moving incredibly slowly, yet in hindsight it seems like I was barely on break at all.

Funny thing about time is that if I don't do anything, it creeps along slowly. Then after I am done doing nothing, it seems like the time flew by. I suppose it is because when I do nothing there is really not too much to remember. Yet the whole idea gets even more confusing when my schedule is packed. The times where I am constantly moving and busy, time seems to fly by. In hindsight the time seems to have passed just as quickly as when I do nothing. Confusing is an understatement.

Time (at least to me) is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If I pack my day with content, errands, routines and jobs, I will experience the same result (as far as memory is concerned) as I would if I were to do nothing. No matter what, the time will seem to have flown by, and I will eventually forget much of what I did. But I will probably remember that Michael Jordan averaged 37 points-per-game during the 1986-1987 NBA season. Time and memory are crazy mofos, and they seem to work together just to confuse me.

Is there a point to this post? Maybe not, but if you took the time to read it then you will no doubt forget you read it, and the time it took to read it will become a distant memory. But wouldn't it be awesome if the only thing you remembered was Jordans 37 ppg average for the 86-87 NBA season?

I would like to state that this is completely my uninformed opinion. I have never read any books on time and don't understand it that well.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Pornographers

The next poster to be redesigned was this one for the New Pornographers.
Pretty meh, right? I think so too. Listening to their music while I sketched, I kept getting this old school feel. So I went to my book of old 60's advertisements (great for old school images). After flipping through it for a while (the book is like 1200 pages or something), I found this tiny image of 3 girls looking at their butts (it was an old wrangler jeans ad). Once I had my image, I sketched what what I wanted.
Unlike the other posters, I did most of this outside of the computer. I could have faked the torn paper, but there is something about the imperfection and randomness of the real thing that is impossible to replicate on the comp. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result.
I wanted to take a small image, blow it up and reveal the details within.

Up next is this Black Keys poster.