Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ting Tings Remake

My second firedrill was to remake this poster for the Ting Tings.

This is another band that I have heard about, yet never listened to. So I put in an album while I worked. It was noisy and in your face vocals with a steady beat to keep the pace. The general noise created was jarring. The first thing that came to mind was soundwaves.
I took my sketches to the computer and came up with this.
The character in the middle is a collage of a red and pink radio that represents the 2 members, while the oversized lips give it that "pop" feel that I got from the music. The soundwaves would be screened over the photocollage.

Next I remade this poster for The New Pornographers. Check back tomorrow for it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poster Redesign Fire Drill

I think that school has ruined the laziness that I have so treasured throughout my life. I was sitting at home the other day, doing nothing in particular. You know, lounging around and watching TV (daytime network TV but that is a completely different story). Suddenly, I felt this compelling urge to get up and do some work. QUE? I tried to fight it, but alas, I could not. Instead I decided to do a little firedrill.

For those of you who do not recognize the term, a firedrill refers to a creative exercise that is completed in a short amount of time (in this case 3 hours).

So I went onto (sweet poster site BTW) and began to browse through the random poster section. I chose 2 posters for two different bands and gave myself 3 hours each to redesign them.

The first poster I chose was this one for Vampire Weekend.
Never having listened to too much of their music, I put in their self-titled release and began to sketch. Choppy and energetic, their music made me think about enjoying a hotdog and lemonade while watching a space shuttle launch.
I took my sketch to the computer, found a suitable image, modified it (we don't use stock images, no sir!), and finished my design.
The photo would be printed out and then the green balloon, white lines and type would be screen-printed onto the image. The green would be left semi-transparent while the white would be opaque.

Total time: less than 3 hours
Next I remade this Ting Tings poster.

I'll post the results tomorrow. See ya then!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Typographical X-rays by Vanessa Ruiz

These are great. Excellent details such as the slight blur and the "hot spots" that glow whiter. Great stuff.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily Hat Weekly Munny

So break is here and I am already back to work (sort of). What I mean is that while I have several projects that I am trying to undertake over the break, I will not be nearly as busy as I am while school is in session.

Anyway, yesterday I was at Sam Flax (art supply store for those who don't know), and by the register they had a bunch of Mini Munnys (Munnies?). Munny is a little blank toy that you can design yourself FYI (there are a bunch of examples here). The ones I am talking about are 4 inches tall.

So I thought it could be a cool little exercise to do one of these each week while I am on break (3 total). To make it a little more fun I decided on a few more rules.

1. Must use the marker that comes with the toy in the color palette
2. Character should be derived from the random accessory that accompanies it
3. Must be started and finished in the span of 24 hours.

So my first one came with a pink marker and a hatchet as the accessory. So I decided that he would be a cute little axe-murderer.

(The pictures were taken with my blackberry, which is why the quality sucks, so don't hate)

Be sure to check back next week for the newest installment of Daily Hat Weekly Munny!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finish Line is in Sight!

Hey Everyone,
Yeah so it's been a little over a week since my last entry. Sorry about that, but no worries, I have something to show you guys that I hope you will find both cool and sweet! This is a watercolor that I did for a class. It is supposed to have a b-movie feel to it. I will post the completed project when it is finished. Until then, I bid you adieu!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Award Season is Rough

Yo YO!
So it is like 4 in the AM and I have class in a few hours. I realize that I haven't been posting at my usual rate lately but their is good reason for that, and that reason is award season. Basically there are several award shows for the creative industry (that's design and advertising mostly) and these award shows have student categories for people like me to make a name for ourselves. So I have been working my ass off to enter as much stuff as possible while also keeping up with my normal course-load (which coincidentally is at an all time ridiculous high). All of these things translate into less time to post on the blog.

"But, Sean, That sucks ass!"

Yes, yes it does, and for my absence I apologize. I have so much stuff that I could show you guys but, sadly if I did, I would be disqualified from the competitions (can't show anything until judging is over). But I can show you some snippets of what I am doing.

Here is a little illustration I am doing for a poster campaign. I will show you the final product when I am allowed to (along with a shit-ton of other stuff).