Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Hat (tri)Weekly Munny

Yo YO!
So the whole Daily Hat Weekly Munny Thing didn't quite work out, but no worries! In it's place is the ever-triumphant Daily Hat (tri)Weekly Munny!

Let me say that I love these little things, they only cost $10 and they provide at least $12 of excitement and fun. This little guy came with a funny motoring hat, so of course I added horns and turned him into a gimp! His name is Blue Gimpy. The marker that came with him was black. It took longer than it should have to make this dude because the markers I was using wouldn't dry! So I had to break for at least 30 min in between applying colors. I think I am going to paint the next one because I am tired of messing with these lame markers.

I've gotten one good idea for the second guy (with the pinwheel), but there has only been one comment so far. You guys don't have ideas? No need to be wary or scared it's just a blog!

Side Note: I have a pink axe murderer and a blue gimp, it seems my ideas are a little twisted! Help me out!


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