Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Pornographers

The next poster to be redesigned was this one for the New Pornographers.
Pretty meh, right? I think so too. Listening to their music while I sketched, I kept getting this old school feel. So I went to my book of old 60's advertisements (great for old school images). After flipping through it for a while (the book is like 1200 pages or something), I found this tiny image of 3 girls looking at their butts (it was an old wrangler jeans ad). Once I had my image, I sketched what what I wanted.
Unlike the other posters, I did most of this outside of the computer. I could have faked the torn paper, but there is something about the imperfection and randomness of the real thing that is impossible to replicate on the comp. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result.
I wanted to take a small image, blow it up and reveal the details within.

Up next is this Black Keys poster.


  1. Good job with the New Pornographers poster. Really like it. But where are the Munnys? I demand to see the other Munnys!