Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrift Store SCORE!

I went to Napa today to help my roommate pick up some paintings she had lent to a cafe there. We had some time to kill and decided to check out the local thrift store. I scored big time. I got:

The board game RISK. This one was made in 1975. The board, instruction manual, dice, and plastic pieces are all intact and in good condition. Total cost: $1.00. I shit you not.


The Complete Handyman "Do It Yourself" Encyclopedia. It was published in 1978 and is packed with useful info about home, automotive, appliance, electronic, and even boat repair. It also has some really nice illustrations. Cost: $2.00. It was the most expensive thing I bought. I got a book on Embroidery as well. It was also $2.00 and will come in handy with a project I am working on. All hardcover books at the store were $2. What a rip off!


Finally I got this T-Shirt from what looks like Harley road race from L.A. to San Francisco. I liked the look of it so I decided "why not?" I totally splurged and spent the $0.50 it cost.


Total cost of items $5.50. Not bad for a game of world conquest, the ultimate dad manual, a new skill, and a shirt that has seen its fair share of ass-whoopings and California coastal highways.

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