Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty [dark] Colors

Yo Yo
I'm tired of staring at a computer monitor so imma make this quick. One of my favorite tumblrs is Pretty Colors. It's runs on a simple formula: post a pretty color and give the hex code for it. It's original which is a welcome departure from the oft-incestual nature of tumblr.

Anyway, the colors are really nice so I thought it would be cool to put a dark spin on it. So I will do my best to make a cute, but dark character using the color as my palette. Like fucked up little flash cards! I made a typeface out of parts of a circle to put the titles in, to keep the juxtaposition-theme going. And as always, I won't spend more than an hour on any of em.

This one is #00ADE6. Or death. Whichever you prefer.


I'll do more and post em soon.

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